May 6 Residents meeting with Muncipal President Rene Nunez Cosio

May 09, 2008

Los Zacatitos and East Cape residents, real estate brokers, environmentalists and teachers - approximately twenty in all - met newly installed Mayor Rene Nunez Cosio and his staff at San Jose del Cabo City Hall offices on May 6th 1 p.m. to discuss with the city administration our ongoing Palo Escopeta Dump burn problems, recycling, education and the environment. Three TV station crews were also on hand to report on this event which had been organized by Terri Evenson Crain and Lianne Armitage Bryan . Gene Crain set up a information kiosk in front of City Hall with posters and information hand outs. The kiosk attracted a lot of attention and interested visitors.

The meeting with Mayor Nunez Cosio covered a variety of ecological and recycling concerns. The urgency of having a meeting had been underscored by the recent April 25th dump burn and toxic smog event. Issues of immediate and long-term consequence were presented by a number of speakers. Gabriel Olvera of the Ecological Department was there, as well as Real Estate agent/brokers Steve Deutch and Jim Hart, both of whom have long standing interests and relationships with Los Zacatitos and the East Cape. Educators from the kinder at La Playita attended as well as representatives of a number of organizations. Approximately 20 people were joined by 5 mayoral officers and 5 media reporters for this one hour meeting.

Organizer Terri Evenson Crain introduced the topics to the major and spoke about education and the future. Co-organizer Lianne Armitage Bryan displayed a video of the recent dump burn. Residents presented the mayor with a pictorial archive dating back to the 2001 municipal dump burns. Other individuals spoke with regards the urgent ecological issues facing San Jose and especially Los Zacatitos and the East Cape, and also with regards the greater issues of Los Cabos refuse, recycling and pollution.

Mayor Nunez Cosio was receptive and engaging on the issues brought to the meeting. He outlined his new administrations 100 days 10 point plan in which ecology and refuse/recycling would figure prominently. He promissed to immediately investigate security and conditions at the Palo Escopeta dump, the site of so many previous burnings.

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