May 2013 Fire

August 17, 2013

June 01, 2013

The Palo Escopeta fire has once again burned, this time for a total of 9 days (May 16 – 25, 2013).
As you can see from photos taken by East Cape residents, the first black smoke went out towards Laguna Hills, Puerto Los Cabos and San Jose in the early morning hours and then when the wind switched it covered the more closely located east cape communities of Palo Escopeta, Los Zacatitos, Playa Tortuga and Shipwrecks with black, toxic smoke.
Resident’s who didn’t evacuate complained of headaches and sore throats and had to remain inside closed up houses to cut down on the smell and inhalation of even more toxic smoke. At times so dense you could not see the homes across the street.
Residents as far as Shipwrecks/Cardon could smell the burning as well as residents in San Jose del Cabo.
The fire could be seen blazing from the airport.
The municipality was contacted to voice a resident’s complaint and see if the Director of Public Services was even aware of the problem.
He did not return messages until later in the day when he said he was out at the trash dump assessing the situation and trying to find a way to put out the fire.
A meeting was then held later in the week at the Public Services office asking Mr. Gustavo Castro for an explanation of why the trash dump is once again regularly burning… To summarize it, the municipality claims to not have the money (resources) or even a plan in place. They do claim to be in negotiations with several trash management companies, one in particular by the name of ECOLTEC, which apparently will take care of the mountain of car tires that Mr. Castro worries if not addressed and self combusts (as he claims is the source of all of the burns) then Los Cabos will have a long term environmental disaster to deal with.
ECOLTEC has been emailed to verify the existence of such a program and try to confirm if in fact they are partnering with the municipality, no reply has been received to date.