East Cape Smoke Advisory

January 02, 2008

As of 3 a.m. this morning the Palo Escopeta municipal trash dump has been burning. There were approx. 15 separate small (intentionally lit) fires presumably by individuals collecting aluminum cans for recycling purposes. The Municipal police appeared at the dump site but took no action against the individuals who continued to collect aluminum in the smoldering ash. The bags of cans were then loaded into a van operated by the municipal government. One Zacatitos resident worked alongside Municipal dump manager Miguel Perez who supervised the efforts of two bulldozers in order to extinguish the fires. There may still be smoke tonite but the Perez says the fires should be completely extinguished tomorrow (Saturday 4/26/08). Areas affected: Los Zacatitos/Playa Tortuga/El Cardon.
Check out the Photos page for the latest dump burn photos taken 4/25/08.