Our Story

Although the smell of burning trash is an all too familiar part of life in Mexico, the persistent, insidious smoldering of the Palo Escopeta Landfill is a deadly problem.

The toxic waste at the Palo Escopeta Landfill has grown exponentially with the growth of Los Cabos. Contamination from the dump threatens many communities throughout the entire region.

When the dump burns, toxic smoke and fumes saturate our air day and night. It is widely known that the burning of plastics, paints, rubber, sewage and all manner of hazardous materials releases chlorinated organic chemicals known as dioxins into the atmosphere. Particulates settle on our water, soil, plants and animals.

It is well documented that such toxic substances are carcinogenic and the compromise the immune system, increase the risk of respiratory illness, cancer and developmental problems in children.

With the health concerns foremost in mind, many residents evacuate the area. There are complaints of sore throats, headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues.

The dump burnings are in violation of the laws of Mexico under the established guidelines of LGEEPA (General Law of Ecological Balance and the Protection of the Environment).

Our very basic need for clean air is being denied. We have been fighting this issue for years. It is time to end the problem once and for all.